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Alex Cherney

These photos below have been provided by Alex Cherney:

Boarder Stargaze 2009
Nikon D700

Boarder Stargaze 2009
Nikon D700

Boarder Stargaze 2009
Nikon D700

Boarder Stargaze 2009
Nikon D700

Alex mainly enjoys visual observing, and takes the occasional wide field image. Although an occasionally imager, the linked images are very interesting, with excellent detail. Important to note, these images are taken on a fixed tripod!

My 5 year old daughter Milana sparked our interest in Astronomy in September 2008 and her main objective was to find aliens. So we got our first small telescope then a bigger one and a bigger oneÖ Not quite sure yet what aperture we need to finally see those aliens.

Iíve been observing for almost a year now and thoroughly enjoy it. Iíve got so much to learn yet and meeting experienced observers through MPAS is simply invaluable.

At Border Stargaze 2009 I borrowed a tripod from Greg and pointed my DSLR upwards and the results stunned me. I guess I caught the imaging bug now with main interest in unguided wide-field photography, time-lapse and planetary imaging.

Alex Cherney

A picture of Alex and daughter Milana beside Greg Walton's Sky Dancer - MPAS Viewing Site

The equipment used by Alex includes the following:
bullet12Ē Sky-Watcher Newtonian on a Dobsonian mount with Argo-Navis
bulletNikon D700 DSLR, with various lenses including the incredible Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8
bulletA few different binoculars
bulletCapture NX 2.2.0
bulletAdobe Photoshop CS2


Boarder Stargaze 1
Boarder Stargaze 2
Boarder Stargaze 3
Boarder Stargaze 4

Public Viewing Nights 

Just to let everyone know, public viewing nights are held every first Friday of the month. Clear or cloudy nights the public viewing night goes ahead. Members man a number of telescopes of various sizes and types, and for those nights where the sky is cloudy, extended astronomical presentations are presented in the MPAS Viewing Centre.

So please come along and enjoy our nights sky.

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