MPAS is excited once again to be hosting VASTROC, with 2023 being the 19th since its inception, and the first in-person event in four years.

The Victorian Astronomy Convention, VASTROC, is a biennial conference for all amateur astronomers in Victoria. It is hosted in odd years by the different astronomical societies around the State.

VASTROC 2023 will be held at Mount Martha Observatory at The Briars Historic Park, on Saturday 25th November 2023 from 11.00am until 8.30pm with stargazing afterwards (if the skies are clear).


This event is open to the public, and of course to all members of astronomy groups and other community groups with common interests and a fascination about the Universe.

The ticket price of $80 per person includes lunch and dinner.


The convention will contain workshops, talks, displays and interactive forums in a social atmosphere. Check back here later and/or like the VASTROC Facebook page.

Keynote speaker: Dr Brad Tucker, Astronomer and Cosmologist, Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Mt. Stromlo Observatory at the Australian National University. He is also a well-recognised TV and radio spokesman for all things astronomy and space in Australia.

Special guests: OzGrav and their amazing VR headset system which takes six people at once to a virtual universe full of planets, stars, black holes and of course, gravitational waves!