MPAS Meeting March 2021

Society monthly meeting held at The Briars Mount Martha observatory on 20210317 and held according to prevailing COVID-19 venue restrictions in place.

Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and upcoming events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton. A pre-recorded talk then followed by long-standing member, Trevor Hand, on the topic of “Destination Mars”. This talk was recorded live in front of an audience at The Briars on 20210305.

Vice President, Mark Stephens, then presented “Sky for the Month”. After the tea break, other educational videos were shown by Peter Skilton as follows: “A Brief History of Pi”, presented by Dr. Simon Clark of the SimonOxfPhys YouTube channel. “Why is Itching Contagious?”, presented by Dr. Emily Grossman of the Royal Institution, London. “Doing Your Hair and Nails in Space”, presented by Capt. Samantha Cristoferetti from ESA. “Electromagnetic Spectrum Basics”, presented by Jeremy Brown of the National Security Space Institute.

A musical closure then followed with a video of the Moon Phases and Libration for 2021, as visible from the Southern Hemisphere, by the NASA Scientific Visualisation Studio. The background audio is Antonio Vivaldi, Concerto for 4 Violins in B Minor, played by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra 2007.