MPAS Meeting November 2021

Society monthly meeting recorded on 20211117 at The Briars Mount Martha Observatory during COVID-19 restrictions that limited audience number.

Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and upcoming events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton.

Coming very soon after the COP-26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, the main talk was given by Dr. Robert Colman, recently retired Head of Climate Research at the Bureau of Meteorology, on the subject of “The Science of Climate Change: What Has Happened So Far, And What Does The Future Hold?”.

Vice President, Mark Stephens, then presented “Sky for the Month”.

Other educational videos were shown by Peter Skilton as follows:

“Victoria’s Magnitude 5.9 Earthquake of Sep-22 2021”, presented by Ross Cayley, Geological Survey of Victoria & Dr. Tim Rawling, Auscope at University of Melbourne. Courtesy of Victorian Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions.

“The Space Environment Near Earth” by Jeremy Brown, National Security Space Institute.

A musical closure followed, showing a video of a 5-Year Multispectral Time-lapse of the Sun by the Goddard Solar Dynamics Observatory, courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Centre. Audio is of Power and Progress by Christian Telford.