MPAS meeting November 2022

Society monthly meeting recorded on 20221116 at The Briars Mount Martha Observatory.

Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and upcoming events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton.

Vice President, Mark Stephens, then presented “Sky for the Month”, and Committee member, Chris Kostokanellis, introduced the first society “Monthly Photo Challenge”.

The main talk was a public lecture by Linda Geddes, Cell Biologist and Science Journalist, Bristol, on the topic of “How Sunlight Affects Our Bodies and Minds”. This talk was hosted at the Royal Institution, London, on 20191007, with support from the University of the Third Age.

Other educational videos were shown by Peter Skilton as follows:

“Sunscreen in Ultraviolet light”, by Dr. Dianna Cowern, Physics Girl YouTube channel, accompanied by Dr. Derek Muller, Veritasium YouTube channel.

“World’s Largest Camera Lens”, presented by Dr.Dianna Cowern, Physics Girl YouTube channel.

A musical closure followed, showing a video of the Moon’s Phase and Libration for 2023, courtesy of NASA Scientific Visualisation Studio. Audio is the Vivaldi Concerto for 4 Violins in B minor, performed by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, with Zubin Mehta, Pinchas Zukerman, Ivry Gitlis, Isaac Stern, Ida Haendel, Shlomo Mintz and Daniel Benyamini.