2022 Lunar Eclipse

November 8th, 2022 from 7:30pm, Mt Martha Observatory

Come and join us to view the only total Lunar Eclipse of the year!

The Moon will start passing into the Earth’s shadow from 7:00pm, when it is still below the horizon as seen from Melbourne. The partial eclipse begins at 8:09pm, and the Moon will be fully within the Earth’s shadow from 9:16pm until 10:41pm. The eclipse ends at 12:49am when it finally leaves the shadow again.

We will start the evening with a short presentation about why eclipses happen and when we can expect the next ones. Then head outside to observe the event through our telescopes, and get tips what to look for or how to take photos of the eclipse!

Tickets are $5 per adult, children are free. MPAS members do not require a ticket.

If you have any questions head over to our Contact page.