MPAS Meeting February 2020

20200219 MPAS meeting with Ilya Mandel

Society monthly meeting held at The Briars observatory on 20200219. Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and coming month events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton. The main talk then followed on the topic of Gravitational Wave Astronomy, by Professor Ilya Mandel of Monash University. Following the talk, the group then adjourned for a tea break before reassembling to hear Dr. Sky Murphy talk about Waves, Light and Blue. This was followed by Vice President, Mark Stephens, who presented Sky for the Month and showed his mechanised brass orrery. Peter Skilton then followed with some short educational videos about The Science of Laser Hair Removal (Australian-Canadian Dr. Derek Muller), Biting Sodium and Potassium Metal (Cody Reeder) and the Rubidium/Caesium reaction with water (Richard Hammond), then Evidence for Parallel Universes (Professor Max Tegmark of MIT).