MPAS Meeting February 2021

Society monthly meeting pre-recorded without audience during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on 20210217.

Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and upcoming events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton. A live talk wasn’t possible this month due to the pandemic restrictions. Instead, a hands-on video courtesy of the late John Dobson of John Dobson Astro-Initiatives was shown about “Telescope Building”. This was followed by Vice President, Mark Stephens, presenting “Sky for the Month” online. Following that, Cody Reeder, of Cody’s Lab YouTube channel, showed “How Strong is the Wind on Mars”. Then former Curiosity Rover JPL engineer, Mark Rober, demonstrated “Turning Solid Sand into a Liquid”, by forming a fluidised bed. Then Dr. Derek Muller, of Veritasium YouTube channel, explained about “The Sun Sneeze Gene”, and historian, Lance Geiger, of The History Guy YouTube channel, shared about “The Radium Girls and the Quest for Workplace Safety”. This was followed by Dr. Dianna Cowern, of Physics Girl YouTube channel, presenting about “What is a Black Hole”.

A musical closure then followed with a royalty-free piece called Epic, by Ben of, in concert with a NASA JPL video of the anticipated Perseverance Rover descent and landing on Mars later this week.