MPAS Meeting January 2021

Society monthly meeting held at The Briars Mount Martha observatory on 20210120 and held according to prevailing COVID-19 venue restrictions in place.

Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and upcoming events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton. An online talk then followed by Associate Professor Michael Brown of Monash University, and Krystal De Napoli, a 3rd year science student at Monash University on the topic of “Indigenous Astronomy, Light Pollution and the Shared Wilderness of the Night Sky”. This talk was recorded live on 20201216, and is reproduced by kind permission of the speakers and Monash University.

Vice President, Mark Stephens, then presented “Sky for the Month”. After the tea break, Dr. Sky Murphy introduced a very capable 7-year old speaker, Ethan Murphy, who presented his work entitled “Informative Book About Flying Vehicles.”

Other educational videos were then shown by Peter Skilton as follows: “Why do mirrors flip horizontally, but not vertically?”, presented by Dr. Dianna Cowern of the Physics Girl YouTube channel. “Why are mosquitoes attracted to you?”, presented by Dr. Derek Muller of the Veritasium YouTube channel. “How do we know the Milky Way is a spiral?”, presented by astrophysicist Dr. Rebecca Smethurst from Oxford University.

A musical closure then followed, courtesy of musical director, Diana Clark, and the Cadence Choir of Black Rock, with composition by Terry Roche of The Roches, delivering “Star of Wonder” sung a cappella. The video with it shows the Orion Nebula stellar nursery, as deduced by imaging by the Hubble Space Telescope and the dust-penetrating Spitzer Infrared Space Telescope, credited to NASA, ESA, Space Telescope Science Institute and the Caltech Infrared Processing and Analysis Centre.