MPAS Meeting January 2024

Society monthly meeting recorded on 20240117 at The Briars Mount Martha Observatory.

Meeting introduction was by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton.

Vice President, Chris Kostokanellis, then presented the AstroMoPho Astronomy Photographic challenge for the month, followed by Committee member, Dr. Guido Tack, with the Sky for the Month. Next, member Eden White presented Cosmic Corner on the topic of the theory of everything.

The main video was then shown on the topic of “Why Have We Not Found Any Aliens?”, presented by Keith Cooper, a freelance science journalist, Astronomy Now & Astrobiology magazine editor and Astrophysicist from Manchester University. This public lecture from 22-Nov-2019 is courtesy of the Royal Institution, London.

A musical closure followed, showing the phases and librations of the Moon for every hour in 2024. This video is courtesy of NASA GSFC Scientific Visualisation Studio. Its audio is Perception, by Ben Tissot ( from the No Copyright Music channel.