MPAS Meeting June 2020

Monthly meeting held at The Briars Mount Martha observatory on 20200617 and held according to prevailing COVID-19 venue restrictions in place.

Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and coming month events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton. The talk then followed and was a public lecture video given at the Royal Institution in London about “The Science of Fireworks”, by Prof. Chris Bishop from the University of Edinburgh. This creative commons public domain lecture is credited to the Royal Institution and is on the RI YouTube public channel.

Following a tea break, Vice President, Mark Stephens, presented Sky for the Month, then Dr. Sky Murphy presented online about O R B I T S.

Short educational videos were then shown by Peter Skilton as follows: US Geologist, Cody Reeder, of CodysLab on YouTube measured and demonstrated how the Sun’s size changed between Aphelion and Perihelion from the northern hemisphere. Several eye specialists explained all about eye floaters. Speakers included Dr. Lana Srur, Dr. Jill Wells (WebMD) and Dr. Susan Blakeney (College of Optometrists) and Dr. Amir Khan (Mayo Clinic). An uncredited NASA educational officer explained about averted vision.

Mythbusters investigated whether a pirate’s eyepatch can help preserve your night vision for observing and found that indeed it does work.

A musical closure then followed, featuring Melbourne immunologist, Dr. Catriona Nguyen-Robertson singing her own composition of “Solving COVID-19”, complete with ukulele.

Upon upload to YouTube, the talk by Mythbusters about “Pirate Eyepatch” was removed. This talk can instead be found here:…