MPAS Meeting June 2023

Society monthly meeting recorded on 20230621 at The Briars Mount Martha Observatory.

Meeting introduction was by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton.

The main talk was by multi-award winning professional photographer, Andrew Campbell, on the topic of “The Australian Photographic Prize and Astrophotography Secrets”.

This was followed by Chris Kostokanellis with the AstroMoPho Astronomy Photographic challenge for the month, and Nerida Langcake about the recent collaborative visit with the ASV and LVAS to do a public event at Buchan, in Eastern Victoria, sponsored by the Destination Gippsland tourist organisation.

Other educational videos were shown by Peter Skilton as follows:

“The Physics and Psychology of Colour”, by Andrew Hanson, an applied Physicist and Outreach Manager at the National Physical Laboratory, UK. This public lecture is courtesy of the Royal Institution, Albermarle Street, London, where it was held on 20180319.

“How Rainbows Form, Haloes and White Rainbows”, by Dr. Dianna Cowern, of the Physics Girl YouTube channel.

“Rainbows and Double Rainbows”, by Prof. Michael Merrifield, University of Nottingham, courtesy of Sixty Symbols channel and film maker Brady Haran.

A musical closure followed, showing the webcam video of the start of the eruption of Kilauea on Hawaii in the early hours of 20230607. This video is courtesy of the US Geological Survey. Its audio is Gemini, by Infraction, from the No Copyright Music channel.