MPAS Meeting May 2020

20200520 MPAS meeting online with various speakers. Society monthly meeting pre-recorded without audience during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on 20200520.

This was the first meeting held since mobility restrictions arose. Meeting introduction and rundown of past month and coming month events was given by the President, Dr. Peter Skilton. There was no live talk possible this month due to the pandemic restrictions. Instead there were several short videos on the general theme of “Sounds of Isolation”, featuring practical advice about coping with isolation by some International Space Station astronauts, how Apollo quarantining worked, what the sky sounds like and about the phenomenon of Synesthesia. These are credited to Chris Hadfield, Catherine Coleman, Peggy Wilson, Amy Teitel, Loren Grush, Dr. Matt Russo, Hank Green, Prof. Richard Cytowic and Kaitlyn Hova.

This was followed by Vice President, Mark Stephens, presenting Sky for the Month online, then Dr. Sky Murphy presenting online about STEM Aspects of COVID-19.

A public lecture video then followed from the Royal Institution about the Psychology and Neuroscience of Happiness. This public domain lecture is credited to the Royal Institution, Prof. Morten Kringelbach, Dr. Julia Christensen and Asst.Prof. Joe Gladstone.

A musical closure was then featured, introducing talented new members Marina Wilson and Paula Miles singing the Seekers’ classic “I Am Australian”.

Upon upload to YouTube, the talk by Canadian astrophysicist, Dr. Matt Russo, about “What Does The Universe Sound Like: A Musical Tour” was removed. This talk can instead be found here:…