Telescope Learning Day 19th February 2022

A much anticipated event for 2022! Come to Mt Martha Observatory on Saturday, 19th February and learn from scratch all about how telescopes work, how best to use them and what to point them at! Get heaps of practical hints, tips and tricks from seasoned expert sky observers.

Suitable for all ages and for absolute beginners on the journey, whether you own a telescope or not.

Bookings are mandatory and will open soon.

The $5 booking fee includes a BBQ.

Members of the society, and members of the public are encouraged to book early as seats usually fill very quickly. In past years we have easily filled the auditorium each time, but this year we are running at less than half capacity indoors due to COVID distancing restrictions.

The day involves talks during the afternoon and early evening, then telescope practice and usage outdoors as it darkens.

Attendees are absolutely encouraged to bring along their own telescope or binoculars from home, if they have them.  
We can even help you assemble it if it’s in bits, tell you if anything is missing, and how to go about finding replacements.